Simple Samosa Wiki

A rare screenshot of Samosa and friends re-enacting Among Us.

This is my page. I'll describe myself here, because why not.

Who I am and what I do here

I'm actually from the United States, not India like Simple Samosa, but I decided to expand this wiki a bit because it seemed like it could use the help. If you're wondering how I managed to get a hold of several episodes that are hard to find online, someone was able to record them for me from a live feed of Disney Channel India.

Some fun facts:

  • "Tufaan" was the first episode of Simple Samosa I ever saw.
  • "Samosa Mama" is easily my least favorite episode because of how Samosa is treated. (episode spoilers incoming) What sicko thought it would be funny to have Cham Cham nearly get Samosa, a little kid, almost eaten - let alone framed - for a crime he never committed?! Does Cham Cham seriously care that little about Samosa?!