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This article is about the episode "Tutti Frutti". You may be looking for the minor character of the same name.

"Tutti Frutti" is the seventh episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Mayor Royal Falooda's daughter, Tutti Frutti, runs away after she feels he has annoyed her too many times with his questions. Samosa and Vada go out to locate the grieving Mayor's daughter.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

An ice cream girl named Tutti Frutti charms the boys and grabs everyone's attention as she walks around town and back to the town hall, which is also her house. When she arrives, her father, Mayor Royal Falooda asks why she didn't answer the call he gave her earlier, and Tutti Frutti replies that her battery died.

The next day, Falooda wakes up to find a note from Tutti Frutti informing him that she has gone off to get away from all the annoying questions he asks her. The saddened mayor quickly checks Tutti Frutti's room to confirm the note and, true to her word, she is nowhere to be found there. The mayor looks at photos of his daughter on his phone before calling Samosa on his phone, with Falooda's tears literally pouring out of the telephone.

Samosa and his gang go to the town hall, where the mayor explains that he thinks Tutti Frutti has run away and asks if they know where she is. Jalebi suggests they ask Banta, whom Tutti Frutti once went boating with. The mayor, thinking Banta kidnapped his child, gets angry. Meanwhile, Banta himself is admiring a picture of Tutti Frutti on his phone when Officer Laddoo appears and tells him he's the suspect of his crush's disappearance. Banta disbelieving states she would never run off without him.

Back at the town hall, the mayor and Banta are expressing their brokenheartedness over the disappearance of Tutti Frutti, with both talking about the nicknames she gave them ("Bunteee" for Banta - with three e's - and "Poppsy" for Falooda). Samosa deems the two mourning men useless and thinks Officer Laddoo is the only one who can do something, but the policeman and his assistant start crying, as well as the mayor's wife, leaving it up to Samosa to come up with an idea. He settles on donning a detective hat and magnifying glass and letting Vada tag along with him to help him, with Jalebi realizing he's only pretending to be a decent detective and taking Dhokla with her for their own separate investigation. Samosa asks Falooda to see the missing girl's room, and Falooda points in its direction for him.

In the bedroom, Samosa decides to start his detective investigation by searching for what he thinks is "right from the beginning". Samosa spots a frame photo of Tutti Frutti and her father with a snowy mountain in the background and thinks that's where she went. Vada agrees with Samosa's odd logic, pointing out that the world began with the Ice Age.

Samosa and Vada travel to some far-off mountains and find talking snowmen there who try to help them find Tutti Frutti. The effort proves fruitless, however, and Samosa and Vada end up rolled into a big snowball that takes them right back to Chatpata Nagar. A pink-colored bus headed for the town of Bubblegumpur appears next to them, and Samosa remembers that Tutti Frutti's favorite color is pink and, assuming she'd want to be somewhere pink, boards the bus with Vada.

In Bubblegumpur, Samosa asks a bubblegum bubble man if he or anyone else in the town has seen Tutti Frutti. He has, and asks Samosa to grab him so that he can fly him to her. Samosa and Vada hold on to bubblegum bubble people as they fly them back to Chatpata Nagar, but Samosa and Vada don't immediately realize it's Chatpata Nagar while still recognizing it as being somewhere they were before.

Samosa finally finds Tutti Frutti emerging form the doors of Amma Spa with Jalebi and Dhokla, and he and Vada follow them back to Mayor Royal Falooda's house. Tutti Frutti heads straight for a nearby room and the mayor and Banta, glad that she's back, ask that she open the door. Tutti Frutti refuses, saying that her dad never bothered to pick her up from Amma Spa and that she had been by herself for three days. Jalebi gives the mayor the note from earlier, pointing out that Tutti Frutti mentioned the part about going to Amma Spa in it but he didn't read that part. Tutti Frutti tells Falooda and Banta to do whatever she says, and both agree.

The episode ends with Falooda and Banta playing a game of chess while taking turns getting Tutti Frutti whatever she needs when she calls for them. When Banta goes to help her, he screams that she's gone missing again.