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"Tufaan" is the 22nd episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa becomes a bit too obsessed with riding his new cycle, the Storm 5000.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


Samosa checks the Badam Couriers website on his computer and finds that his package is about to arrive. He hears the doorbell and answers, but is less surprised at seeing his friends there than he is for what he called them to his house for - then and there, a truck drives up to his home. A smaller truck emerges from the big truck, and an even smaller truck emerges from that one, leading to some almonds having Samosa sign for his mail. The almonds bring in some wheels before they go back into the smallest truck, which goes back into the bigger truck which goes back into the biggest truck before it leaves. Samosa puts together what was in the package - the Storm 5000, a new bicycle with all sorts of nifty features. Vada asks about a bolt he found from the bike, and the bike falls apart.

After Samosa reassembles his new bicycle, Vada asks if he can ride it. Samosa asks if he has a helmet, shoulder pads, or Storm 5000 shoes, none of which Vada possesses. Jalebi asks Vada why he called his friends to his place if he is the one building and riding the bike, and Samosa replies saying they can't ride since the bike has only one seat. Samosa rides off into the distance.

A townsperson is about to guide her child in riding a bicycle, but Samosa speeds past them, causing the child to go out of control. He falls off the side of a hill, but notices he's riding and is happy. When he sees Samosa, he inquires about how to get back up the hill. Samosa responds that he'd love to help, but it's written on his cycle's box in bold letters to "do it yourself", and he leaves. Samosa comes across Dahi Puri Mausi, who wants to be taken home, but also ignores her using the same "do it yourself" excuse. He then passes by Laddoo Havaldar, who wants him to catch a car that is getting away, but again Samosa refuses with the same excuse. Iddiyappam Amma and her workers want to cross the road amid heavy traffic, and Amma asks Samosa for assistance, but again he refuses. Finally, he comes across a trio of fritter kids who have missed the bus and are afraid of being punished in school by being made to sit in the corridor. Samosa, while still worried about their dilemma, still refuses and figures they can "do it yourself".

Samosa continues to ride his bike on some hills, but crashes and wakes up in the hospital bandaged all over. He sees his friends are visiting him, and Jalebi tells him to stop with his bike drama. Doctor Goti Sodawala says he is glad Samosa wasn't too badly harmed, since he would otherwise have to do a potato transplant on him, and explains that the Storm 5000 was not harmed. Samosa immediately gets up and rides his bike again, not even thanking the doctor and leaving Jalebi frustrated. Vada points out he found a loose bolt from the cycle again and wonders what to do with it; outside, Samosa's bike disassembles as he is riding it, landing him in the hospital again.

Jalebi rips off one of Samosa's bandages so he can speak, but all he has to say for himself is "Storm". Jalebi puts the bandage back in place and stares at Samosa for a few seconds before peeling the bandage back again, with Samosa thanking his friends for it. Jalebi says she knows how much Samosa loves his cycle and made some adjustments to it, adding some more seats to it and calling it the Storm 25000. Samosa rides it with his friends, who are unwilling to help him get the bike going any faster and use Samosa's "do it yourself" excuse to justify their lack of assistance. The other bike-riding child from earlier passes by and wishes Samosa happy riding, saying he figured out how to ride by himself. An exhausted Samosa ends the episode asking "With friends like these, who needs enemies?"


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 16th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The episode's title is spelled as "Tufan", with only one "a", on official television guides.

Cultural references

  • Jalebi can be seen reading The Animator's Survival Kit while Samosa and his friends ride the new and improved Storm 5000.