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"Toast Malone" is the 87th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa tries to intervene when Dhokla discovers a rapper named Toast Malone and listens to his music in unhealthy amounts.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.




Cultural references

  • The character, appearance, and name of Toast Malone are references to the real-life rapper Post Malone.
  • Suga, who announces the rap battle between Samosa and Toast Malone, is a reference to Suga from the K-pop band BTS. According to Serena Dhillon, one of the members of the Simple Samosa production crew, Suga comes from the band "Ghee-TS" and performs at the Bhelboard Awards (a pun on the real-life Billboard Awards).[1]
  • Dhokla's laptop has a pepper on it as its logo, which is likely meant to be an equivalent to the real-life Apple company's logo.