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This article is about the episode "Sumo Momo". You may be looking for the minor character of the same name.

"Sumo Momo" is the first episode of Simple Samosa. It premiered on 14 May 2018 alongside the 11 episodes directly following it.

Plot summary

Samosa is challenged to a fight by his favourite wrestler, Sumo Momo.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

Samosa is woken up by his alarm clock and gets ready for the day. He then goes to his room to admire the wrestler Sumo Momo, who he has various posters of on his wall. He then watches a commercial online for his next wrestling match, which is taking place in Chatpata Nagar. An excited Samosa is greeted by Vada, who is talking to him from the window (he is bouncing off of Dhokla to make it that high up); both are accompanied by Jalebi. The three remind him that they are to go to the match later.

While on their way there, Vada mentions Sumo Momo is so strong that nobody has defeated him. Samosa lies that he once defeated two Sumo Momos at once while playing with friends in Schezuan Town, with a fantasy sequence indicating he also defeated several more afterwards. All of his friends except Vada see through the lie, and Jalebi calls out Samosa for being a bluff master. The group make it to the stadium, where a challenger is blown outside and lands on the sidewalk next to Samosa, hurt. Samosa cheers for Sumo Momo and enters the stadium after Dhokla and Jalebi, completely disregarding the hurt challenger.

The announcer says that Samosa is the challenger who is going to fight Sumo Momo, much to the surprise of Samosa since he is very weak compared to him. Vada, who convinced the arena to have Samosa fight, tells Sumo Momo that Samosa could beat him if he tried and finally provokes the champion wrestler into taking on the nervous challenger, who he then proceeds to defeat through various methods for 93 rounds in a row. After the 93rd attempt, Samosa is battered enough that the tip on the top of his head cracks, which is finally what breaks him to the point that he goes into a rage and rabidly attacks Sumo Momo over it.

Samosa is congratulated by his friends and the spectators for his victory, and the four get a selfie with the now-defeated Sumo Momo. At home, Vada recounts his version of the wrestling match, which is also rife with lies. Meanwhile, Samosa is happily practicing wrestling moves in his room, which is now decorated with posters of him and a banner reading "THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN A SIMPLE SAMOSA".


  • This is the first episode of the show featuring live-action footage, specifically the brief clips of samosas boiling in a pot that appear when Samosa goes mad from Sumo Momo cracking his tip.
  • Cham Cham's glasses are light gray in this episode, whereas they are black in all later episodes.
  • The commercial Samosa watches for Sumo Momo's wrestling match combines cultural features of multiple Asian countries. In the commercial, Sumo Momo, a momo (a Nepalese food) whose wrestling aesthetic involves sumo wrestling (a Japanese sport), is said to come from the Shaolin temple of Shin Sha Shu (there's an actual Shaolin Temple in China).

Cultural references

  • While it is unknown if this was intentional, the episode's plot bears a striking resemblance to the 2013 Mickey Mouse cartoon's episode "Tapped Out". Both it and the Simple Samosa episode "Sumo Momo" have the main character bragging that they could defeat a strong wrestler if they tried and being made to fight such a wrestler by a friend who assumed they were being serious. Both episodes also feature a character (Samosa in "Sumo Momo", Donald in "Tapped Out") going into a rage and beating up the wrestler.