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This article is about the character named Sumo Momo. You may be looking for the episode of the same name.

Sumo Momo is a minor character in Simple Samosa. He is Samosa's favourite wrestler and first appears in the episode "Sumo Momo".


Sumo Momo is known for being a very strong wrestler. According to one of his commercials, he comes from the Shaolin temple of Shin Sha Shu. He is Samosa's favourite wrestler; in his self-titled episode, he fights Samosa but ultimately loses to him despite his efforts. He also has a friend named Judo Momo.

Appearances in the series

Sumo Momo appears in the following episodes:


  • The commercial for Sumo Momo that Samosa watches at the beginning of the episode "Sumo Momo" gives the wrestler a backstory that attempts to pass off three Asian cultures as if they are all one and the same. Specifically, the commercial says he comes from a Shaolin temple (from China) without explaining how that would fit a momo (a Nepalese food) whose general wrestling aesthetic involves sumo wrestling (a Japanese sport).