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"Spa Wars" is the fifth episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa and the gang attempt to stop a rivalry between Amma Spa and another spa which has opened across the street from it, Appa Spa.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

Samosa and the gang are all spending some time relaxing at Amma Spa, and Samosa mentions to the spa's owner, Amma, that he feels great. Suddenly, an announcement is made outside that a new spa, Appa Spa, has opened across the street and has state-of-the-art technology. The people at Amma Spa are intrigued and decide to move to Appa Spa, getting Amma Spa's employees worried that they may have a new rivalry brewing. Samosa and friends go to investigate Appa Spa.

In the spa, the gang is surprised by the amount of hi-tech spa equipment being used, with Dhokla dropping his jaw in awe - to which Samosa replies he should put his tongue back in his mouth since he's not on their side. The gang meet Iddiyappam Appa, the owner of the spa, and Samosa asks for the remote he is using to control the equipment. After Samosa runs off with the remote, Appa asks the others if they need to use the bathroom and they all leave, at which point the spamaster realizes he's been tricked. Samosa uses the remote to attack Appa several times, first spraying lotion on him and then flattening him with a piece of spa equipment. The remote eventually gets stuck on Jalebi's head, leading to Appa chasing after her. Appa, in turn, is chased by Samosa, Dhokla, and Vada into an outside court.

As Appa is trying to tear the remote off of Jalebi, Amma appears. Appa immediately stops and calls her by the affectionate name of "jujubi", though she does not appreciate this and asks where Appa has been all these years. Appa goes on to explain why he opened his spa so close to hers - he just wanted to be close to her, as he is deeply in love with her and had been searching everywhere around the world for her. Amma still looks mad at first, but then realizes what's happening and quickly reciprocates the confession, going as far as to call her apparent rival by the name "jinjilu", much to the surprise of Samosa and his friends. A disgusted Samosa compares the situation to a "cheesy movie" as the two put together two halves of a heart amulet they were holding.

Appa and Amma get married, and the various people attending their wedding give them gifts. The newlyweds get their picture taken with Samosa, Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada. Later, Vada asks who won the war between the spas, and Samosa replies that in the end, love won.


  • The official Simple Samosa website's character bios, which were released before the show itself premiered, make mention of the spamasters being long-separated lovers. However, there are no hints in the episode itself that the characters have any sort of relationship prior to the scene where they start to flirt with each other.


  • How is Samosa able to control a bottle of lotion using Appa's remote?
  • At one point when Appa explains to Amma why he opened his spa so close to hers, Vada's arms disappear for a split second.
  • Once Appa goes to talk to Amma about everything that happened, the spa equipment remote disappears from Jalebi's head without ever having been pulled off of it.