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"Sollid Survival" is the 17th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa braves various obstacles in the jungle when he becomes a contestant on the reality TV show Sollid Survival.

Characters present


Samosa and his friends are over at his house watching an episode of the reality TV show Sollid Survival. In the episode they're watching, the host, Sollid, sets up a campfire in a forest when a wild jackfruit appears behind him. Sollid sees the jackfruit and beats it up; afterwards, he asks if the viewers want to join the show and a phone number for it appears on Samosa's television screen. Vada comments on the game looking dangerous and brings up that he once heard a samosa participated in the show, only to have his potato and spice remains found later. Samosa calls his friends cowards and states he'll show them the "stuffing of a Sollid Survival winner".

The next day, Sollid introduces new contestants to the show, which Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are all watching at Samosa's house. The first is a milk cup who is said to have walked 5,000 kilometers just to get to the set of the game; the next one is Mr. Fried Fritter; and the third is Samosa, who walks onto a thistle and blows on his hurt foot, causing the other contestants to look at him funny. Sollid then introduces the fourth contestant, Cham Cham, who tells Samosa that he never passes up a good challenge and brags that he's the best.

Sollid explains the rules of the game to the contestants - just get from point A to point B, but be careful of obstacles in the forest, including wild jackfruits. Sollid initiates the game by snapping his fingers, briefly causing everything to go dark; in the darkness, Samosa accidentally steps into a rope trap and cries for help as he hangs from a tree. The other participants in the show refuse to help him, though, since they're competing in a race. A bunch of jackfruits approach Samosa, who begs them to let him go. One of the fruits pulls Samosa down, and Samosa worries they might eat him, but the fruits instead untie him and put a crown of leaves on his head before chanting "chow, chow, wow, wow" happily.

The next day, Samosa says goodbye to the jackfruits. He then encounters Mr. Fried Fritter, who is holding on to the edge of a cliff, about to fall off. Samosa helps him up, and Fritter apologizes for being mean to Samosa earlier. Samosa takes care of a wound on Fritter's knee by taking some leaves from a bush, ripping them apart, and sprinkling the pieces over the wound. The two continue their journey through the wild and come across the milk cup man, who is tied up by the jackfruits and is having the liquid in him drunk by one of the savages. Samosa tries to tell them to free him, but they don't respond; he puts on his leaf crown and tries again, with the fruits recognizing him this time and untying the man. The man asks Samosa to forgive him for earlier, and Samosa accepts his apology; the three set off to travel the forest again, but it gets dark and Samosa decides that the group should sleep out in the open for the night.

The following day, Sollid shows the viewers how he tames a wild chili pepper. A female fan complements Sollid, who blows a kiss at them but gets some of the chili's spiciness in his mouth as a result. Samosa and his fellow competitors are all woken up by Sollid, whom Samosa asks which direction to go next. Sollid and the contestants all approach the finish line, where Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are all waiting for their friend to arrive. Before they can reach the finish line, however, Cham Cham manages to complete the race and starts bragging about him being the best.

Sollid declares Cham Cham the winner and announces that his prize is that he gets to spend an entire week with the jackfruits in the wilderness, with said creatures taking him with them back into the nearby forest. Sollid apologizes to Samosa since the other contestants prevented him from winning. Samosa says that's okay since he had fun partying with the jackfruits and even got his leaf crown from them. Vada says that Samosa is the "best flavor in town", and Samosa himself gives a wink to the audience.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 14th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The episode title is spelled "Solid Survival" (with one "l" in "Sollid" instead of two) on certain television guide listings.
  • The first English dub of this episode uses the term "jungle" to refer to the natural environment where the reality show takes place. The second English dub refers to it as a normal wilderness.