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Simple Samosa Game is an official web game based on Simple Samosa. It was originally released on Disney India's official website for Simple Samosa in 2018, around the show's May 14th premiere date.





Simple Samosa Game is a simple platformer with no plot. The player first selects one of four characters to play as - those being Samosa, Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada - and are then given a level select screen with only one of twelve levels unlocked from the start.

In the game proper, the player controls their chosen character through Chatpata Nagar at day or night, depending on the level. There are coins in each level for the player to collect, as well as hearts if the player loses their health. The player has up to three hearts of health, and they can lose one by colliding with Cham Cham, who appears as an enemy. Losing all your health, falling into a bottomless pit, or touching flames will send the player character back to the start of the level. There is no life system in the game, so the level will always restart at the beginning if the player loses.

After beating a level, the player is graded with anywhere from one to three stars.


  • Cham Cham's in-game sprite is labeled with Dhokla's name in the game's code for unknown reasons.


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