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"Simple Hitchki" is the 52nd episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa comes down with a case of the hiccups, and he and his friends try to find various methods to cure them.

Characters present


Samosa wakes up and is getting ready for the day when he starts to hiccup. He calls his friends to warn them, but Jalebi can't understand what he's saying through the hiccuping. Jalebi gives the phone to Vada since he understands the feelings of Samosa much more than she does, but even he has trouble discerning what Samosa is saying. When Samosa appears with them, Vada gives Samosa a glass of water to cure his hiccups, but it doesn't work. He then grabs a bigger bucket of water for him to drink, which doesn't cure the hiccuping either.

Samosa is then subjected to being filled with chutney from a chutney truck, causing him to increase in size temporarily and let out a big burp; this doesn't solve the problem either. Vada gives Samosa a kiss to cure his hiccups, and he along with Dhokla make a couple of jokes related to Samosa's problem before a demon-like creature appears and gives them a scare. The scare doesn't work on Samosa, who recognizes it's Jalebi, but Jalebi herself has to tell Vada and Dhokla that they can come out of hiding since it's just her. The scare doesn't solve Samosa's problem, however.

Later, Jalebi instructs Dhokla and Vada not to go flat as the former plays a string instrument and the latter plays a triangle. It's revealed seconds later that the string instrument is actually Samosa's tongue, with the music proving fruitless in helping Samosa. Dahi Puri Mausi the appears and feeds Samosa some of the curd on her head, with said curd not helping either. Dahi Puri asks if the curd was good either way and asks Samosa's friends if they want to eat any, but they run away before she can offer them a bite.

The gang goes to Capsy Mum the chili pepper lady. Capsy calls for her chili peppers, Richard, Ricardo, and Richie, to dive into her chili and then has Samosa taste the chili. The chili is too spicy for Samosa, and Capsy calls for the chutney truck from earlier, which has been repurposed into a water truck that douses Samosa. The chili doesn't cure Samosa's hiccups, so Dhokla mentions one person he knows who could help.

The gang visit Chewlypso, a piece of bubble gum stuck to a sewer drain. Samosa is blindfolded and made to walk across a tightrope high above Chatpata Nagar, with Chewlypso saying every step he takes will open a chakra and every chakra will align his peace together as long as he doesn't look down. Samosa takes off his blindfold, realizes what's happening, and screams and runs across the tightrope onto the giants letters of a building's sign. The big "T" that is part of the sign tips over, flinging Samosa onto a metal construction beam being suspended in midair. Samosa falls off the beam, into a metal pipe, and back onto the ground, but the experience ultimately doesn't cure his case of the hiccups either.

The gang go to Dr. Goti Sodawala, whom they explain the situation to. Sodawala wants to show them something strange pertaining to the problem and takes them to a room in the hospital containing numerous patients with uncured hiccups, including several people they had consulted earlier. Sodawala asks if Samosa wants to end up like these patients, which Samosa disagrees to. Sodawala tries to squirt his soda into Samosa's mouth through his cap to cure his hiccups, to no avail; this leaves Sodawala with one last option, and he asks Samosa if he wouldn't get scared of it. Vada says Samosa isn't afraid of anything, and Sodawala directs Samosa's attention to another door.

Samosa enters the door and finds a live-action human, who turns out to be his own voice actor. When Samosa asks who he is, the voice actor states he's the "voice of his mind", and Jalebi's voice actor calls Samosa a "bluff master". Samosa and his voice actor start to freak out, followed by Jalebi, her voice actress, Dhokla, Vada, and their respective voice actors. The encounter does cure Samosa's hiccups, something he's glad about, but his friends are now worried since they have hiccups.


  • The episode contains a joke that breaks the fourth wall, specifically when Samosa and his gang see their voice actors in a room in Doctor Goti Sodwala's hospital.

Cultural references

  • When Doctor Goti Sodawala enters the "hitch-key" (a pun on "hitchki", Hindi for "hiccups") to enter the room in the hospital with the uncured hiccup victims, it comes up as "DISNEY", referring to the company that produces and airs Simple Samosa.