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"Shakti Samosa" is the 18th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa goes to the gym to become fit and strong like his idol, Shakti Samosa.



Samosa and his gang are walking on the sidewalk. Samosa thinks they should all start to get some exercise since "fitness is next to goodness". Dhokla thinks he has some goodness in him already, but when Samosa says "a healthy body leads to a healthy mind", Vada agrees that he may need to get some exercise. Jalebi tells him he can exercise all he wants, but he'll be young forever. Samosa starts to run and his friends catch up with him; Samosa has run to the local gym and wants to get fit there. In the gym, Samosa sees a poster for a muscular samosa named Shakti Samosa and decides he wants to be like him. Samosa goes over to an exercise machine for his arms and tries to pull down on the bar, but is sent flying into the sky. The other three see this from the outside of the building, and Dhokla, thinking Samosa's not joining them anytime soon, goes to a lake to lie down with Jalebi and Vada.

At the lake, Vada spots some wild potatoes swimming in the water, but Dhokla thinks they're panipuris, which Jalebi disagrees with. Back at the gym, Samosa runs on a treadmill when Mr. Fried Fritter appears and tells him he can do better than that. The fritter adjusts the speed of the treadmill so that Samosa can't keep up, and after he seems to be done the fritter asks that Samosa do one more step for him and has the treadmill run at high speed again. Back at the lake, Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are still disagreeing over the species of the wild potatoes and Jalebi asks Vada about using Gargle to find the answer. Vada initially misunderstands this and gargles with water before being given a phone to find the answer on Gargle.

At the gym, the fritter is having Samosa use a pull-up bar. Samosa is tired and can't do anymore pull-ups, but the fritter, to make sure he keeps going with the exercise, opens a trap door below him leading directly onto the streets of Chatpata Nagar. Samosa loses his grip and falls, but is bounced back up by a net to the side of the building; when he flies back up, though, he can't grab the pull-up bar and falls again, only to be caught by the net from a few seconds ago and pulled back into the building. The fritter finds an exhausted Samosa in an elevator looking at the Shakti Samosa poster again and tells him that a body like that takes a lot of practice to attain, but Samosa is still determined.

Over at the lake, as Dhokla and Vada take a photo of themselves with a sleeping Jalebi and upload it, Samosa comes to them and shows off his new fit body, which looks like how he was before but with his body upside-down. When Jalebi wakes up and asks about it, Samosa states it's called a "V-shape body" and walks over to a couple of popsicle people, who he claims are his "fans", to have a picture taken with them. Dhokla asks why Samosa doesn't have the picture taken with them, and Samosa replies that he's busy with his "fans". Samosa sees Iddiyappam Amma and shows off his new body to her; she thinks he looks "totally pumped up". Samosa then sees two children and lets them hold on to his arms like with a pull-up bar, then he runs into the mayor and shows off his new body to him. The mayor thinks he looks "totally fit". Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are getting tired of Samosa going around town bragging about how fit he looks; Samosa sees Dahi Puri, who takes a selfie of herself with him. Samosa soon has an entire group of people following him, admiring his new appearance.

Samosa bumps into Shakti Samosa and asks what he thinks of how he looks. Shakti picks up Samosa and bumps him around with his muscles before saying there's nobody more muscular than "our Samosa", and that Samosa seems to be made of cheap dough made from cheap flour. He also says that their muscles may look different, but their "masala is the same". Samosa's admirers start following Shakti instead, and Jalebi and the rest of the gang approach him. Jalebi asks how his muscles are, and Dhokla notices he looks worried and tells him not to be upset, as they're still still his friends. Jalebi flips Samosa's body back to normal, and Samosa thanks her and states that "there is nothing better than a Simple Samosa".

After the first verse of the theme song plays, the scene cuts to the gang at the lake, still disagreeing over the species of the potatoes. Jalebi tells Samosa to "Gargle" it, but Samosa misunderstands this and literally gargles. As his friends laugh at him, Mr. Fried Fritter and Shakti Samosa pass by them and Cham Cham resolves their dispute about the potatoes. The episode ends with another shot of the potatoes swimming in the water.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 23rd episode on Disney+ Hotstar.

Cultural references

  • Gargle, the series' equivalent to Google, makes an appearance in this episode.


  • When Samosa is dropped through a trap door, the view from above him as he's falling shows that he's not that close to any of the buildings below, particularly the gym. He still somehow falls close enough to the gym that he's caught in a net before he hits the ground.