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"Samosa Mama" is the 29th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Cham Cham gets Samosa sent to court for supposedly kidnapping Garlic, Green Pepper, and Mushroom, and Samosa's gang must help prove him innocent.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.

  • Aunt Sweetyhearty



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

In the middle of the night, a shadowed figure sneaks around town. The figure enters a building and approaches a garlic, a green pepper, and a mushroom who are all happy that he has come to take them. The figure leaves money in the tray where he found the foods; meanwhile, Cham Cham is on the balcony of his house and sees the mysterious person, who looks almost exactly like Samosa, and snaps a picture of him on his phone.

The following morning, Samosa is woken up by Laddoo Havaldar shouting at him to come out. Samosa finds his house surrounded by the police and goes outside, only to find the constable asleep. After waking him up with the constable's megaphone, Samosa has it explained to him that he is under arrest, but his crime will not be explained until he is taken to court. Laddoo tells Samosa to wear a white cloth since he is innocent until proven otherwise. Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are all walking down the sidewalk together when the police car passes by; Vada recognizes Samosa in the vehicle, and Cham Cham chases after it, cheering that Samosa got caught. The gang goes to investigate. Meanwhile, the mayor is reading the newspaper on the toilet and finds a story in it about the newly capture suspect. The mayor thinks he's seen the suspect's triangular shape somewhere, and he gets a call on the phone to be the judge in a courtroom case.

The scene briefly cuts to a mustached samosa seen from behind, laughing with some unseen foods, before it cuts back to the courthouse, where Royal Falooda asks for order in the court. A courthouse official mistakes this for literally ordering food in the court and rattles off a long list of food, to which Falooda clarifies what he means. A bun suddenly appears next to him, at which point he shouts for quiet and asks that the suspect be revealed to everyone in the building and weighed on the justice scale. Samosa has his white cloth removed, surprising the others in the courtroom, and has his crime explained to him - kidnapping Garlic, Green Pepper, and Mushroom. Samosa is placed on a giant weighing scale and asked if he has any evidence for his innocence. Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada appear, saying they have evidence - since they, Samosa's friends, are here. Cham Cham is asked to jump onto the other side of the scale, and he ends up the heavier of the two; Laddoo Havaldar removes a large amount of weighty objects from Cham Cham's pockets, but it does not tip the scales over until Cham Cham removes a single lock from his pocket as well. Cham Cham presents his evidence of Samosa's guilt to the court, but accidentally brings up a site called "Tinda" before finally getting to the picture he had taken the previous night. Vada notices the samosa in the picture, unlike Simple Samosa, has a mustache and jumps off the scale to go investigate, wishing Samosa the "best of luck".

Vada finds the mustachioed samosa from earlier and seems frightened when it sounds like he is torturing foods, but he turns out to be giving them "ketchup spa" therapy and asks Vada if he wants some too. Vada obliges; meanwhile, back at the courthouse, the mayor is about to give Samosa a punishment for his crime since he has not produced any proof he is innocent, telling him he will be taken to a place where "you will not be fried, you will not be cooked... no, you will be served!" Vada's ketchup spa session is done, and he and the mustached samosa make a run for the courthouse, with Vada arriving just before the mayor deals out Samosa's punishment and producing the kidnapped foods. Vada explains Samosa did it - not Simple, but the mustached samosa he came with, who is named Special Samosa. Special tells everyone the supposed victims are actually his longtime friends and that twenty years ago, he lost them at the carnival. A few days ago, he was able to find them and picked them up at a store.

Falooda asks for order in the court once more, which is misinterpreted again as asking to order food as at a restuarant. Falooda declares he will give everyone a treat and orders that Cham Cham be taken care of. Special Samosa tackles this task, giving Cham Cham a massage. Later, while the gang is at the beach, Samosa asks Vada how he figured out his innocence, and Vada brings out Cham Cham's photo and says he noticed the mustache. Suddenly, a bunch of other samosa greet the group, and Samosa, in front of these visitors, says "there is nothing better than a Simple Samosa".


  • Special Samosa has the same kind of mustache as Shakti Samosa from the episode "Shakti Samosa".
  • The episode goes by the alternate title "Mama Samosa" on official television listings.

Series continuity

  • The carnival where Special Samosa goes searching for Garlic, Mushroom, and Green Pepper is the same one from "Carnival Chaos".

Cultural references

  • When Cham Cham asks the courthouse for their wi-fi password, they say it's "D-I-S-N-E-Y". This is referring to Disney Channel, which airs Simple Samosa.