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"Patang Hurdang" is the 67th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Vada flies Samosa's kite for a kite festival. The kite is so strong that it blows Vada into the sky, and Samosa and the others have to get him down safely.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


Samosa has a surprise to show Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada, and he tells them not to peek until he says so. The surprise turns out to be a big kite, which Vada grabs and starts to be carried away by before Samosa helps him down, telling him to be careful. Everyone walks to the nearby kite festival, which is introduced by Mayor Royal Falooda and initiated by using scissors as if he were to cut a ribbon. The mayor winds up cutting the string of Cham Cham's kite, and Cham Cahm runs off to go catch it. Mayor Royal Falooda doesn't care, since "Why should I cut a ribbon and not a kite in a kite festival?", and he declares the event has officially started.

Samosa has Dhokla hold his kite for him and lets Vada hold the spool, and Dhokla releases the kite so Samosa can fly it. Samosa asks Vada if he wants to fly the kite and he happily obliges, but Jalebi warns Samosa that Vada might be carried away by the kite. Jalebi and Samosa have an argument about this when they are interrupted by Dhokla, who points out that Vada really is being carried away by the kite. The three friends on the ground all scream and chase after Vada, forming a tower to try to catch him, but this doesn't work. The news reporter for Garma Garam News notices Vada in the air with the kite and reports on it; Samosa, Dhokla, and Jalebi all pass by the newswoman as they continue to try to save Vada, but Vada flies too far out of their reach. Samosa gets an idea on how to solve the problem.

Samosa is on a motorcycle with Jalebi and has Dhokla hold on to the vehicle until he is ready, the idea being to wait until Vada is close enough to them that he can ride into the air from a ramp and grab him. Jalebi has something she wants to say to Samosa, but she falls off the motorbike once Samosa starts driving and Samosa gets no answer when he asks her what to do when he's in the air as a result. Samosa comes very close to being able to grab Vada, but fails and comes crashing back down to the ground.

Samosa builds a glider called the Glider Launcher Simple 2000 and tasks Jalebi and Dhokla with pushing him off the edge of a cliff while he's in his new invention so he can fly to Vada, but the glider falls to the ground and Samosa builds a new glider, this time called the Glider Launcher Simple 5000, to replace it. Samosa pedals the contraption into the sky but gets tired and stops pedaling, which causes him to fall to the ground again. Samosa builds a third glider, the Glider Launcher Simple 10000, but when he uses it it falls off the edge of the cliff before he can even get it into the air. Dhokla asks that Samosa hurry up and come up with a new solution since the tension is giving him gas; the gas gives Samosa a new idea.

Samosa has Dhokla filled with air and turned into a hot air balloon. Samosa blows the balloon towards Vada with a fan, which tickles Dhokla's foot. Suddenly, a bird lands on Dhokla, gets angry, and pops him before Samosa can grab Vada. The deflated Dhokla lands right on Cham Cham, and Samosa finds his kite and uses it to fly up to Vada; he touches a storm cloud and gets electrocuted, along with Dhokla who is holding the kite's spool and Jalebi who is with Dhokla. The Garma Garam News reporter notes an incoming storm and wonders if Vada can make it safely out of it.

Dhokla states he wishes they had a long ladder to reach Vada. This gives Samosa the idea to construct a "ladder" out of the other kites being flown for the kite festival and have Vada land on it. Everyone on the ground is worried Vada won't be able to make it before a lightning bolt strikes the kite he's holding on to, but Vada does jump off in time and makes it back to the ground safely.

As everyone cheers for Vada coming back safe and sound, Cham Cham is still not happy about his kite flying away and being destroyed by the thundercloud from earlier. Samosa gives Cham Cham his kite "ladder" to fly, and the collection of kites carries him into the air, but nobody cares.


  • Running gag: Cham Cham appearing and yelling "My kite!" as he is chasing after his loose kite.