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"Moong Fu Samosa" is the 70th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

After being challenged to a fight with Sumo Momo's friend Judo Momo, Samosa goes to get trained in a martial art called "moong fu".

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


The episode starts with Samosa having a dream about him having the tip of his head cracked during a wrestling match with Sumo Momo. Samosa immediately gets mad and beats up Sumo Momo; in the real world, Vada goes to wake up Samosa, but Samosa grabs him as he's still sleeping tells the wrestler in his dream that he "won't back down". Vada tells Samosa that it's him, and Samosa snaps out of the dream. Vada explains that someone has arrived and is wreaking havoc in Chatpata Nagar, and has been waiting for Samosa.

They go outside to investigate and find the town has been ravaged and the townsfolk are all scared. Samosa finds Dhokla and Jalebi looking at a little momo and wonders how such a small guy could wreck the city. Before he can deal with him, though, a deep voice is heard and reveals himself to be Judo Momo, a friend of Sumo Momo's. Judo Momo wanted to see who had beaten his buddy and challenges Samosa to a battle, with Samosa falsely claiming that he knows "moong fu" and Vada asserting that he could beat Judo Momo up in a matter of seconds. Judo Momo promises that should Samosa fail to show up at the arena in the evening, he will finish the wreckage he started in Chatpata Nagar. After the momo leaves, Samosa reveals he doesn't actually know moong fu, and Jalebi thinks Samosa will be easily clobbered. Dhokla mentions he knows of an elder who can teach Samosa moong fu; he stays awake for six hours and then goes to sleep for six hours in an alternating cycle.

The gang finds the elder in his wheelchair, sleeping in front of a tree. Vada tries to wake him up, but is tickled by a little fritter that was standing on the elder. Dhokla spits water at the fritter, only to have the water spit back at him; Samosa tries to approach the elder but is distracted when another fritter beats a drum to stun him. Jalebi tells the sleeping man that they need his help, and the man instantly awakens and states the first rule of moong fu - if you ask for help, you will be helped for sure. Samosa explains that he only has six hours to train, and the elder states he only has six hours to train him before he goes back to sleep for another six hours. The elder introduces the fritters that were with him, who are his grandchildren. The fritters attack Samosa, and the elder states the second rule of moong fu is to always be prepared.

The first test Samosa is given for his training is for his speed. Samosa is tasked with running away from his trainer as he chases him, which Samosa thinks will be quite easy until the trainer approaches him with rocket boosters on his wheelchair. Samosa screams and runs as the old man chases him around, and Samosa runs into Jalebi's monster truck. The elder gives the third rule of moong fu - instead of running from the arena, it's better to run within the arena.

The second test is for Samosa's stamina; he must carry buckets of chutney up to the top of a hill to fill a bathtub. However, when Samosa pours the chutney, it immediately disappears, and it's shown that Dhokla is sitting in the tub and absorbed the chutney. Samosa goes faster in filling the tub but becomes sore in the process, leading to the trainer's grandkids massaging his back. The elder gives the fourth rule of moong fu - sometimes, things have to be broken so that they can be joined back together correctly. Samosa thanks his master and asks for the last rule of moong fu, but the old man falls asleep before he can say it. Some shaking starts to happen from where Samosa is, and Jalebi points out it's almost time to fight Judo Momo; the shaking is coming from the stadium where the match is to take place.

In the arena, Judo Momo observes that Samosa has not arrived yet and tells the audience they will pay the price for Samosa's cowardice. However, Samosa's gang enters the building to the crowd cheering for Samosa, who jumps into the wrestling space and causes Judo Momo to fall over and the match to start. Judo Momo chases after Samosa, who runs in circles on the fencing of the wrestling space and tires out Judo Momo before Samosa reiterates the third rule of moong fu (it's better to run in the arena than away from it). Judo Momo then brings out a big brick and smashes it in one hit, telling Samosa he'll do the same to him. Samosa says a pebble will be enough to crush him and throws one right in front of the wrestler, who goes to pick it up but cracks his back in the process. Samosa repeats the back-massaging session his moong fu master did with him to massage Judo Momo, then throws him into the air, balances him on his head as he's spinning, and has him go all over the arena. The crowd cheers for Samosa and pauses when they find Judo Momo is joining in the cheering. Judo Momo thanks Samosa for helping with his back, and Samosa restates moong fu rule #4 (sometimes, things have to be broken so they can be put back together correctly). The newslady of Garma Garam News approaches Samosa and asks why he helped his challenger; Samosa replies with yet another rule of moong fu - "if you ask for help, you will be helped for sure".

Samosa's moong fu trainer arrives at the stadium and wants to tell Samosa the fifth and most important rule of moong fu since he forgot. Again, however, he falls asleep before he can say it, and Samosa, while being carried by his friends, makes up a fifth rule of moong fu - "always fight your own fight".


Series continuity

  • The entire episode is essentially a sequel to the show's very first episode, "Sumo Momo", with Samosa and Judo Momo having their wrestling match at the same arena where the match with Sumo Momo took place. The episode begins with Samosa having a dream that reuses footage from the episode "Sumo Momo".
  • Jalebi's monster truck from "Dhakkad Race" makes a brief cameo.
  • When the gang go to the stadium so Samosa can fight Judo Momo, Vada can be seen in the musician outfit he wore in "Cultural Programme".