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"Meethi Masi" is the sixth episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa's aunt Sweetyhearty drops by his house for an unexpected visit and brings his younger cousins with her. Samosa finds the cousins so annoying that he tries to drive them out of the house.



One day, Samosa has a visitor at his door and goes to see who it is. The visitor is his Aunt Sweetyhearty, who surprises him with her showing up and has brought along his cousins, Tweety, Cutie, Fruity, and Harinder. The cousins are excited to see him, and Sweetyhearty has some couriers brings Samosa a giant jar of her village's tamarind chutney as a gift. Samosa is made to pay the mail charges.

When Samosa is called inside his house by his aunt, he finds the cousins playing around in the kitchen and his aunt noticing there's no food in his fridge. Aunt Sweetyhearty thinks Samosa should eat better and orders him some butter chicken, lentils, chicken tikka, kebabs, yogurt, and white butter over the phone. Samosa hears a noise up in his room and, when he goes to check, sees his cousins playing on his computer and faints.

Samosa goes to his living room, where his guests are all sitting on the couch watching television. Harinder walks next to him and runs off with his smartphone; later, he walks in on his cousins having a pillow fight and ruining his pillows. Aunt Sweetyhearty assures him they will all adjust to being at his house and wishes him a good night. Harinder takes the pillow he had with him and starts to jump on it. Samosa goes to his room and struggles to get some sleep; when it looks like he's finally falling asleep, some snoring from one of his visitors interrupts him.

The next day, Samosa goes to use the bathroom, but his cousins keep getting in before he can and he's worried he'll have an accident. When Harinder is done in the bathroom, Samosa discovers he used his toothbrush as well, since "Whatever is yours is mine, big brother. Sharing is caring". Aunt Sweetyhearty sees the toothbrush, too.

Samosa is finally fed up with his house guests causing him so much trouble and vows to "teach them a lesson". Samosa goes to find his friends and wake them up, but as he's rounding them up they notice his breath smells terrible. With a mask over his mouth to prevent his bad breath from bothering anyone, Samosa explains his situation to his friends and says he has a plan for tonight.

That night, Samosa's cousins are woken up and scared by mysterious noises outside, and one by one they enter Samosa's bedroom to sleep with him. Samosa's aunt also comes in, inquiring about the strange sounds. The following morning, Samosa tells his buddies that they scared them all a little too well, but his friends point out they never did anything. A bus approaches the bus stop ahead of them, and Aunt Sweetyhearty and the cousins are all boarding it. When asked by Samosa where she's going, the aunt explains she wants to show his uncle that they're all okay. Samosa is glad to finally have gotten rid of his visitors and promptly runs to his house to relax.

When he tries to go to sleep, however, Samosa is distracted by creepy noises and retreats to the shower to call his friends about it. He does not get any reception when he tries to call any of them and calls Aunt Sweetyhearty as a last resort; he does manage to call her and she's glad to oblige when he asks for her and the rest of her group to come back. When they arrive, Aunt Sweetyhearty has also brought Samosa's other cousins, including - but not limited to - Sweetie, Goldie, Pinky, Happy, Shinky, Lucky, Dimpy, Lovely, and Simmi. When they all go to sleep for the night, Samosa comments "It's a mix of flavors" as he lies awake among his sleeping relatives.


  • A screen in the bus Aunt Sweetyhearty rides depicts the character Franky Dayaloo on it. Franky is not properly introduced until the later episode "Franky Dayaloo".