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Mayor Royal Falooda is a supporting character in Simple Samosa. He is the mayor of Chatpata Nagar.


Mayor Royal Falooda's body is a drinking cup filled containing pink falooda liquid and a straw. He has a bushy pink mustache, there are pink shirt sleeves on his arms, and he wears pink pants and brown shoes.


Royal Falooda works hard as the mayor to keep Chatpata Nagar in order. Though his intentions are strong, his stomach is quite weak and he is often seen using the toilet in his house. He has a secretary named Kulfi and a daughter named Tutti Frutti.

Him not being filled with pink bubbly liquid is treated as him being naked in "Kheer".

He runs away from Chatpata Nagar in "Mayor Gaayab", leading to the townsfolk scrambling to name themselves as a replacement. This doesn't work out, though, and Samosa and the townspeople resort to looking for Falooda to have him get back to his job.

In "Kohra Ka Keher", his singing is shown to be so terrible that it cracks the lenses of Cham Cham's glasses and causes the town hall to crumble.

Appearances in the series

Mayor Royal Falooda appears in the following episodes:


  • Mayor Royal Falooda's English voice actor uses the same voice for Mahaguru in the English dub of the 2016 Disney Channel India series Gaju Bhai.