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"Mayor Gaayab" is the 75th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

The mayor of Chatpata Nagar runs away, leaving his job open and leading to the town falling under the control of others who decide to take the role.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

Mayor Royal Falooda is sitting in his town hall one day when he suddenly decides it's "uncomfortable" and leaves on the spot. His secretary Kulfi brings out her phone to give this news to be reported on. Meanwhile, Samosa is sleeping at his house when the sound of people outside wakes him up, and when he arrives in the town to investigate, he, along with Dhokla and Vada, sees lots of the citizens preparing to leave Chatpata Nagar. Jalebi explains that the mayor ran away, and Dhokla points out a Garma Garam News report on the matter a second later. In the report, the newslady talks to Kulfi, who is crying over his departure, and then asks who will be the next political leader of the town.

Samosa and his gang go to the town hall, where Cham Cham has already been chosen as Falooda's successor. Cham Cham renames the city to "Cham Cham Nagar", orders everyone to wear square-shaped glasses just like his, taxes everyone, and also orders them to give two bowls of sugar syrup to "your new mighty mayor". When Samosa asks what he's going to do with so much sugar syrup, Cham Cham shows him and his friends a big bath bowl of the liquid for him to swim in and tells them he wants everything in Cham Cham Nagar to be sweet like him. A few seconds later, he orders Jalebi to sings for him while Dhokla has to play music as well with several instruments attached to him at once and Samosa massages him as he bathes in the syrup bowl. After that, he has Samosa's gang carry him around town.

The next day, Samosa and co. are exhausted at Cham Cham's egotistical rulings, and Samosa himself gets the idea to convince Mr. Fried Fritter to replace him as the town's leader. Cham Cham is still in the town hall and flushes himself down the toilet by accident, followed by him sitting at his desk wearing a king's crown. When Mr. Fritter goes to state his intentions to him, Cham Cham uses glue to fix himself to his chair since "this throne is mine forever!", but some goons take him away along with the chair. Garma Garam News promptly runs a news report once Mr. Fried Fritter is formally appointed mayor and makes a speech.

The speech concerns a new fitness program he wants to impose on the entire town and involves everyone doing away with their Cham Cham glasses and being commanded to exercise at once at the sound of the whistle while repeating the phrase "fit is hit". The whistle then sounds throughout Chatpata Nagar and the townsfolk follow the given exercise order. Mr. Fried Fritter goes to sit on the toilet in the town hall and flushes himself by accident as well.

Garma Garam News announces that since Mr. Fritter flushed himself down the toilet, the occupation of mayor is open once again. The newslady then states she wants to be the next mayor and runs towards the town hall, followed by the cameraman who also wants to take up the job. Meanwhile, a townsperson is selling "real mayor chairs". Back at the town hall, a whole bunch of citizens are having an argument over who should be the leader of Chatpata Nagar and are fighting to get a hold of the mayor's chair. Cham Cham, who is still glued to his "throne" from earlier, also jumps into the fight. Samosa and his gang walk in on the scene and worry about the arguing townspeople as more people appear to join the brawl. Samosa and his friends investigate for leads as to Royal Falooda and find an address for where he went and rush to find him, with the others fighting over the mayor's chair following suit when they hear Samosa mentioning Falooda may be in great danger.

Everyone arrives at a store in a desert in the middle of nowhere, and Falooda emerges from the store holding a box and gets frightened when he sees everybody surrounding the store. Samosa tells him they want to rescue him, and the former mayor explains he just went to buy a new golden toilet seat for himself. When Samosa shows him the newspaper, Falooda clarifies that he was looking at the full page ad on page 5 for the golden toilet seat and bought it since he got tired of his old chair. The episode ends with Royal Falooda officially becoming the mayor of Chatpata Nagar again, along with him commenting it's a "new seat, old mayor".


  • Television listings of this episode give the title as "Mayor Gayab", with one "a" in "Gaayab" instead of two.


  • When Mr. Fried Fritter appears to take Cham Cham's place as mayor, the bowl of fruit and drink glass Cham Cham had on his desk suddenly disappear.
  • Ordinarily, when one runs to become a mayor, they would run a campaign to see if people will actually support them. This is completely ignored throughout the episode.