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This article is about the episode named "Makkhi Makkhi!". You may be looking for the similarly named character Makkhi Makkhija.

"Makkhi Makkhi!" is the third episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

A fly becomes stuck on Jalebi's head, and she must have it removed without arousing the suspicion of the townsfolk when they get paranoid about a fly being on the loose.

Characters present


Mayor Royal Falooda gives the townspeople of Chatpata Nagar a speech about how flies are dangerous and shows them a safe containing a fly that has been captured. The townsfolk, scared of the fly, run out of the building. Later that night, the fly starts to break free from the safe.

The next day, Samosa, who is with his friends, teases Cham Cham by tricking him into thinking there's a fly on him before wondering about the flies being so dangerous and leaving for his house. Vada, Dhokla, and Jalebi follow suit, and the following night the fly has broken free. Dhokla sleeps with a net over him while the others don't; the morning after that, Jalebi wakes up and finds, to her horror, that a fly has gotten stuck on her head.

Jalebi covers her head with a paper bag and goes to Samosa's house to show her friends the fly. All four of them freak out and attempt to defend themselves from the insect, but the bug stops them and is not happy that he's being treated like this. He gives complements to Samosa and co. and suggests Jalebi go to Dr. Goti Sodawala to get him unstuck from her head.

Samosa's gang goes out to go to the hospital, but Jalebi is embarrassed by the little flower decoration she has to wear to hide the fly so as not to make anyone panic. Two girls come across Jalebi and make fun of her for the flower; seconds later, they come across Laddoo Havaldar, who stops them because of road traffic. Samosa and his friends pretend to cry to persuade the policeman to stop the vehicles and let them across the road. When the gang reaches the hospital, they find Cham Cham at the front wearing a superhero outfit and looking for flies. Cham Cham catches a glimpse of the fly stuck on Jalebi and hurriedly calls the Mayor about it.

In the hospital, Dr. Goti Sodawala sees the fly and says he's dealt with this kind of problem before. The operation goes well and the fly is safely taken off Jalebi, but the townsfolk have caught up with the group and are after the fly. To distract the angry mob, Samosa fakes being overworked from fending off the fly with the flashlight while Dr. Sodawala drives off with the others on his motorcycle. When the mob goes to chase after the motorcycle, believing its passengers have the insect, Samosa runs to a tower and releases the fly to the moon.

The mob is still chasing Sodawala, who stops them short and asks why they're chasing him. Samosa cuts in and points out the fly is on the moon, and everyone cheers. Samosa tries to give the crowd a speech about the fly not being a total monster, but they all walk off. That night, the fly finds himself on Cham Cham's back, and Cham Cham, in his bed, has a fly swatter ready.


  • The episode is given the alternate name "Makhi" on official television guides.


  • Samosa lets the fly go to the moon, where he seems fine even though he should not be able to breathe there due to a lack of oxygen.