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"Khelo Samosa" is the 99th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa and co. investigate mysterious disappearances linked to an arcade in Chatpata Nagar and are sucked into one of the games there.

Characters present

Supporting roles

Minor roles, cameos, etc.




Cultural references

  • This episode contains multiple references to real-life video games.
    • Level 1 of the game Samosa and his friends play has them fight Doctor Goti Sodawala as a Space Invaders enemy, with the level's playfield being a completely black background with pixel "walls" that slowly disintegrate with each projectile from Sodawala that hits them - just like in the game.
    • Level 2 is the iconic stage from the Donkey Kong arcade game. Here, the barrels the player has to jump over are replaced with dumbbells, a strongman from Chatpata Nagar is in place of Donkey Kong and throwing the dumbbells, and Dahi Puri Mausi plays the role of the game's damsel in distress, Pauline.
    • Level 3 is a castle greatly resembling the castle levels of each world in the original Super Mario Bros. game for the NES. Cham Cham being forced to wear a pink princess dress and being trapped in a cage is likely alluding to Princess Peach, a major Mario character who often has to be rescued in many of her appearances.
    • "Pakwanman" is a reference to Pac-Man.
    • Some of the arcade machines in the background resemble tetrominoes from Tetris.


  • After Samosa is hit by a dumbbell in Stage 2 of the arcade game, Dhokla's eyebrows disappear.