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"Kheer" is the 26th episode of Simple Samosa.


Samosa receives a gift of magic pudding that causes trouble in Chatpata Nagar when he feeds it to others.

Characters present


Samosa is on a hill when he hears voices coming from the inside of a volcano nearby. The voices are those of a couple of ice creams who are preparing ingredients in a cauldron. Both ice creams note how funny their eyes look before realizing they're melting from the heat of the fire under the cauldron, and Samosa grabs a bucket of water and douses the flames. The ice creams are grateful for Samosa's help and give him a bowl of magic pudding to share with his friends, with one of the ice creams saying Samosa will become king. Samosa goes outside and gives Dhokla his pudding while he ties his shoe; Mayor Royal Falooda appears, jogging through the sidewalk, and Samosa complements him on how fit he is and gives him the pudding to eat. The mayor enjoys the pudding and tells Samosa he will be king one day, and Cham Cham finds the empty bowl Samosa throws onto the ground. Later that night, Mayor Royal Falooda uses the bathroom and panics when the pink liquid inside of him drains.

The next day, Jalebi and Dhokla keep passing the latter's phone through Vada's hole as they exchange funny pictures, and Vada is annoyed and asks Samosa to do something. Cham Cham passes by, banging the bowl he found with a stick and chanting "Not fair! Not fair!" when Samosa swipes the bowl from him and uses it to plug up Vada's hole. Cham Cham marches away, still chanting, and Vada enjoys Samosa's idea and says he will be king. The next night, a shadowed figure walks through the town and into a building; the figure turns out to be the mayor, who is revealed liquidless in the Stadium Dome and gets embarrassed when the others criticize him for being naked. Outside, Samosa and his gang are walking through town, and Samosa asks if they will address him as "king". Vada says he would be glad to refer to him as "king"; the others briefly do not recognizing him due to the bowl plugging up his hole before he clarifies who he is. The gang hear noises coming from the Stadium Dome and go inside to investigate, with Samosa thinking they're calling for Dhokla.

Inside the Dome, Dhokla is declared the new mayor, and Samosa is surprised since he was supposed to be the king. Samosa goes back to the ice creams, who are cooking something in a cauldron again and put the big pot in a microwave. The two start to melt from the heat again, but Samosa presses a switch to undo it and the ice creams are once again grateful, complete with the same declaration that Samosa will be king. Samosa disagrees, since Dhokla became king instead of him, and one of the ice creams suggest that he go feed Dhokla another bowl of their pudding if Samosa wants to be king. Samosa follows the instructions and goes to Dhokla's house to give him the pudding, which he quickly consumes in its entirety; later, Dhokla gives a speech about him being the mayor and how he expects everyone to call him "your highness" when an angry mob, including the still-naked mayor, approach him. The mayor explains that Dhokla is an impostor and that the pudding did this to them, Vada's parents are crying because they think their son is gone when he's right there, and Dhokla inexplicably starts to grow in size.

Jalebi suspects Samosa isn't telling them something, and while he denies any connection to the strange happenings at first he finally tells them the truth about the ice creams and the pudding they gave him. Dhokla mentions he doesn't know what's going on, saying he ate pudding earlier, and the mayor responds saying he ate pudding too. Both realize Samosa was the one who gave the pudding to them, and the crowd gets angry at him right before Samosa decides to remove the bowl from Vada's hole. Vada's parents finally recognize him, and the townspeople all go to the lair of the ice creams to drink potions that reverese the effects brought on by the pudding - the mayor gains his pink bubbly liquid back and Dhokla returns to his normal size. The mayor declares that the ice creams will be his royal chefs from now on, but advises them not to make pudding for him since it disagrees with his digestive system. That night, the ice creams make dinner for the mayor and Samosa's gang, and Jalebi asks Samosa why he will just be king and adds that he will become rule, conqueror, and emperor; Samosa's question of "Really?" is met with Jalebi asserting he is Simple Samosa, and the show's theme song is played for the remaining duration of the episode.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 29th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The episode title is referring to the pudding Samosa receives. Kheer is a rice pudding popular in the Indian subcontinent.