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"Kasturi Khushbu" is the 56th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

A pleasant aroma mysteriously appears in Samosa's bedroom in the middle of the night, and Samosa loves it. The following morning, Samosa goes on a trip around the world and sniffs the scents of all sorts of foreign food items to see if they're the aroma he smelled.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


It's nighttime in Chatpata Nagar, and Samosa is sleeping in his bed with a sort of cage over him when a smell suddenly permeates his room and piques his attention. Samosa enjoys the smell so much that he starts to float in the air as he sleeps, and in the process he pushes the cage over him into midair as well. His doorbell rings, and he crashes to the ground.

The next morning, Samosa asks Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada why they woke him up and proceeds to sniff them to see if they are the source of the smell from earlier, concluding that they are not. Samosa explains that this scent he experienced is not like any other he has smelled before and that he wants to find its source; afterwards, he grabs a suitcase and heads off to Toastie Tours and Travels to ask for a "perfume package". The toast man Samosa meets at the Toastie building then opens up a trap door below him, explaining to him that his "wheat" is his command.

The trap door leads Samosa to Dr. Durian, who gives him a whiff of his armpit smell, but Samosa realizes it's not the aroma he's looking for, nice though it is. Dr. Durian tells Samosa that once his smell has entered a person's nostrils, it stays there for eternity, and then he gives Samosa a kite to carry him off to the next pleasant aroma.

The next smell is a spicy one from Kimchi, but it is not the smell Samosa is after either. Kimchi is not happy and presses a button that sends Samosa to Baba Garlic, in whose stench Samosa feels peace of various kinds. This is also not the stench Samosa smelled either, though, and Baba Garlic blows him to Wasabi, who engages in a martial arts battle with him before forcing his aroma up Samosa's nostrils. When Samosa determines this isn't that wonderful smell either, Wasabi wishes him luck with his search and then knocks him all the way to another part of the world.

Samosa goes to Kinna Sauna and takes a bath with some cheese men, but not only is their smell also not Samosa's special scent, but he gets uncomfortable staying with them and mentions this to the hotel employee. The employee says he knew this would happen from the start, since the worlds of Italian cheeses and Indian snacks don't mix well. The man directs Samosa to a United Nations conference to find his aroma.

Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada are at Samosa's house when a Garma Garam News report appears on TV about Samosa at the UN conference, and Dhokla informs the other townspeople so that they can tune in as well. At the meeting, Samosa makes a speech to the attendees about the search he has made for the strange smell and the new friends he made along the way, thanking them for enlightening him with their smells. When Samosa says he wants to smell that wonderful scent again, the attendees create a collective fart combining their odors. Samosa enjoys the smell, as it is the one he was looking for, and he floats in the air and touches the tip of a finger from one of the scents.

The episodes ends with Samosa being found by Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada lying on the ground completely naked except for a leaf covering him, and he sniffs a fart he makes and smiles. Jalebi comments that he spent a lot of effort looking for a smell that was right there with him the whole time.