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"Jalebi's Birthday" is the 11th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

It's Jalebi's birthday, but when her friends don't give her birthday wishes after she helps them with various tasks, she worries they may have forgotten.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

Jalebi is woken up by her alarm clock, which plays "Happy Birthday to You". She then gets a call from Samosa, who needs help putting together a "two-in-one" jukebox his dad owned. Jalebi goes to his house to assemble the jukebox, and Samosa thanks her for helping. Jalebi, expecting Samosa to wish her a happy birthday, asks if he has anything to say besides "thank you"; he says he does not have anything else to say, which frustrates Jalebi.

As she leaves Samosa's house, Jalebi gets a call from Dhokla, who needs help untangling himself from some lights. She goes to Dhokla's house to untangle him, and he thanks her for helping. Jalebi, again expecting her friend to wish her a happy birthday, asks if Dhokla has anything to say besides "thank you". He says he does not have anything else to say, which frustrates Jalebi again.

Jalebi goes home to relax, only to get a call from Vada who needs help getting off of an escalator that has stopped working in Masala Mall. Jalebi helps Vada to get off of the escalator; he thanks her for helping, but Jalebi does not expect him to wish her a happy birthday. When Vada mentions he has something to say, Jalebi is surprised when he actually does say "happy birthday".

Samosa, Dhokla, and several townsfolk appear alongside Vada to give Jalebi a surprise party. Samosa lets her use the microphone from his jukebox, and she thanks everyone. When Samosa asks Jalebi if she has anything else to say, she says she doesn't, and Vada grabs the microphone and starts to sing "Happy Birthday to You"; the others join him in singing the song before her birthday cake appears, placing and lighting a candle in its mouth and giving the birthday girl a knife to cut it with. Jalebi blows out the candle on the cake.

The next day, Vada is woken up by his alarm clock, which plays "Happy Birthday to You". He gets a call from Jalebi, who wishes him a happy birthday. Vada asks why he doesn't get his own surprise party like Jalebi did.


  • If the original airdate of this episode is anything to go by, Jalebi's birthday is on 14 May and Vada's is on 15 May. Neither character's age is revealed in the episode, however.
  • This episode is erroneously listed as the tenth episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Dhokla thanks Jalebi in different languages depending on the dub. In the Hindi dub, he thanks her in English and Gujarati; in the first English dub, he thanks her in French and Spanish; and in the second English dub, he thanks her in French and English.
  • The original English version of the episode, unlike the later redub, makes no mention of the jukebox being a possession of Samosa's dad. This would explain why the jukebox still uses cassettes to play music even though this episode aired in 2018, long after cassettes became an obsolete format.
  • The episode is given the alternate title "Jalebi Birthday" (no apostrophe and "s" attached to the name "Jalebi") on official television guides.

Series continuity

  • In the original English version of the episode, as Jalebi is about to help Vada up the escalator, she describes several accomplishments she has achieved to him. Among them is "I even saved the life of that fly", a reference to the episode "Makkhi Makkhi!" where she gets a fly unstuck from her head. The second English dub changes the dialogue and removes this reference.

Cultural references

  • The app Jalebi uses to find the Masala Mall where Vada is located is called "Gargle Maps", a reference to Google Maps. The English redub removes this reference.


  • Jalebi and Vada both own clocks that play "Happy Birthday to You" as they wake up on their respective birthdays. They're both analog clocks, which do not have the ability to play specific songs as alarms in real life.
  • Vada claims to be stuck on the non-working escalator he's standing on. One could easily walk up or down the escalator like a normal staircase, a fact that is never commented on in the episode.