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Meet Jalebi

Jalebi is one of the main characters. She is a friend of Samosa and a resident of Chatpata Nagar.


She has a head which looks like a jalebi. She wears a pink top with pink pendulums on the ears.


Jalebi is more intelligent and sane than her friends and serves as the group's voice of reason, calling them out for their antics whenever it's needed. Despite disliking their antics, she genuinely cares about them as friends and will just as easily stand up for them as well.

Jalebi often calls Samosa a "bluff master" when he tells one of his exaggerated stories.

Jalebi's head is sticky enough for objects to get stuck in it, such as a fly ("Makkhi Makkhi!") and a remote ("Spa Wars"). As shown in the latter episode, forcibly trying to pull items off her head is physically painful to her.

Appearances in the series

Jalebi, being a main character, appears in all episodes of the show and is a playable character in Simple Samosa Game.


  • If the original airdate of the episode "Jalebi's Birthday" is anything to go by, Jalebi's birthday is on 14 May. Her age is never given in the episode, however.
  • Jalebi is the only character out of the main four to have a nose, though even then it's only visible whenever Jalebi's head is seen from a side view.
  • Jalebi has pink-colored eyelids in a piece of prototype artwork used in early commercials for the show. In the actual show itself, her eyelids are orange like the rest of her body.