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Iddiyappam Appa, or just Appa for short, is a minor character in Simple Samosa. His full name is "Appa Samba Wada Dosa Onion Pypa Butta Masal Appam Bienda Rasam Modu Rava Bist Bele Plain Curry Kela Thali Saptam".


Iddiyappam Appa runs a spa called Appa Spa with all sorts of futuristic spa equipment. This spa opens right across the street from Amma Spa, the most popular spa in Chatpata Nagar, and makes Samosa and his gang worry about the two establishments starting a rivalry when Appa Spa takes all of the customers away from Amma Spa.

Iddiyappam Appa and the owner of Amma Spa, Iddiyappam Amma, are childhood friends; the former opened Appa Spa specifically so that he could be close to Amma, whom he is in love with and had been searching the entire Earth for. At the end of their debut episode, "Spa Wars", the two ultimately confess their feelings for each other, to the shock of Samosa's gang, and get married.

Appearances in the series

Iddiyappam Appa appears in the following episodes: