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Iddiyappam Amma, or just Amma for short, is a minor character in Simple Samosa.


Amma runs the Amma Spa, the most popular spa in Chatpata Nagar, but gets a potential rival in Iddiyappam Appa's hi-tech Appa Spa. When Samosa and his gang attempt to stop the rivalry before it goes too far, Amma remembers they are childhood friends and discovers Appa loves her, built Appa Spa only because he wanted to be with her, and had been searching the entire Earth for her. Amma is moved by these feelings and agrees to marry Appa.

Appearances in the series

Iddiyappam Amma appears in the following episodes:


  • She is referred to as Iddiyappam Amma on the official Simple Samosa website's character bios and as Amma Iddiyappam on the wedding invitation briefly shown in "Spa Wars".