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"Franky Dayaloo" is the 12th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

The famed actor Franky Dayaloo comes to visit Chatpata Nagar, but protests on the roof of a hotel and gets everyone worried.


Minor roles, cameos, etc.


The whole of Chatpata Nagar is in excitement as film star Franky Dayaloo is coming to town. Jalebi keeps raving about him, making Samosa irritated. Franky soon arrives and entices everyone with his charm and helpful nature, earning Samosa's curiosity. When he suddenly goes to the terrace of the hotel he's staying at, and says that he'll jump off, a strange female voice repeatedly ridicules him. Samosa is intrigued and enquires, which leads to Franky telling the following story.

Once, while bathing, Franky gets assaulted by someone with a ketchup bottle, and develops a fear of sauces. Shortly after, he marries his girlfriend Khati Roll (the woman whose voice is ridiculing him currently), and establishes a fine career as an actor. But Khati forces him to try different sauces and this time, she wants him to try mayonnaise. But Franky refuses, which causes Khati to stop talking to him.

Samosa understands the situation and requests him to try the sauce, at least for his wife. Franky requests Khati for mayonnaise with a 'please', and she smiles and reunites with him. Franky also gets over his PTSD, and after thanking Samosa, he leaves Chatpata Nagar, holding Khati romantically in his arms as everyone watches with happiness.


  • The song that plays when Franky initially drives into town is the show's theme song but with the lyrics "Franky! Franky! Franky!" repeated over it.
  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 24th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • On official television listings, the episode's title is spelled "Frankie Dayaloo".

Cultural references

  • Franky starred in a film called Kabhi Franky Kabhi Gham, whose title is a reference to the 2001 Indian film Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham.
  • Another film Franky starred in is called Dilwale Franky Le Jayenge, whose title is a reference to the 1995 Indian film Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.
  • One scene in the episode shows Franky being assaulted in the shower by someone with a ketchup bottle, referencing a famous scene in the 1960 American film Psycho. The scene is also black and white as a reference to Psycho being a black-and-white film.