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"Dadi Ke Saath" is the fourth episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa takes his friends for a visit to his grandma's house.

Characters present


At the train station, Samosa and his gang are all preparing for a trip to Samosa's grandma's house. Samosa struggles to get Dhokla through the train door and resorts to poking him to deflate him. Samosa notices Vada has not arrived yet and asks Dhokla and Jalebi where he's gone; Vada is looking for his train and thinks one of is the one he was going to board, now leaving without him. Vada is on the verge of crying when Samosa points out the gang's train for him. Vada is excited to be on the train to see Simple's grandma, who is commented on as being "cool".

At the group's destination, Grandma Samosa comes in riding a motorcycle. She embarrasses Samosa by giving him kisses and greets his friends as well, which bothers him. When Samosa asks to ride his grandmother's motorcycle, she gives the vehicle's keys to Jalebi instead, and she drives them to Grandma Samosa's house.

At the house, which is located close to a forest, Grandma and the kids are all playing a board game when the power goes out. Grandma uses the opportunity to tell the children a scary story about some chewed-up, rotting foods that reside in the forest. Samosa scoffs at this story, saying he and his buddies are all too old for this kind of tale. Grandma mentions she doesn't have any coriander and asks if anyone wants to go look for some for her. Samosa accepts the task and goes out into the forest, recording his trip on his phone. Samosa starts running into numerous food people wandering about in the woods and panics before eventually being caught by a noodle that is among the foods.

Samosa later returns to Grandma's house and tries to scare everyone by pretending to be a ghost. Jalebi sees through the trick and removes Samosa's ghost costume, and Samosa sends in the ominous foods to give them a scare. It works; Jalebi, Dhokla, and Vada all run around and scream in terror at the new arrivals. Grandma Samosa sees them all and remarks on how fast they made friends with each other.

Before the gang leaves her home, Grandma gives Samosa the key to her motorbike and lets him ride it. On the train, Jalebi finds the video Samosa recorded of him being scared in the forest, and she, Dhokla, and Vada all laugh at it, to Samosa's dismay.


  • This is the first episode of the show to take place mostly in a location that isn't in Chatpata Nagar.
  • This is also the first episode to show samosa characters apart from Simple Samosa.

Cultural references

  • The electric guitar Vada tries to play, and breaks the strings on, features the X-eyed smiley face that the rock band Nirvana uses as its logo.