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"Cupcake Gang" is the eighth episode of Simple Samosa.


Queen Banoffee Batenburg and her princess daughter come from Germany to visit Chatpata Nagar.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


Mayor Royal Falooda is talking to someone named Jelly on the phone, but said caller hangs up on him. Then the mayor's red phone, which is separate from the phone he just used, starts to ring. The mayor picks it up, is informed that someone is coming, and assures his new caller that he will take care of it.

Later, the mayor tells a crowd outside that Queen Banoffee Batenburg is coming to Chatpata Nagar and that he wants them to welcome her. Suddenly, a bunch of cupcakes inspect the people, and seconds afterwards the queen's long, pink-colored limousine pulls up to the crowd and a princess, the queen's daughter, emerges from it. When asked by the mayor where her mother is, the princess says she's "just too much" and goes to greet the townsfolk. She sees Cham Cham, who was excited to see a princess, and rejects him on the spot; she then finds Samosa's gang and tries to assert that Dhokla is "sweet" despite him saying otherwise. As the gang walks away, Jalebi assures Dhokla that he has a "cotton candy heart", and the princess stares angrily at them.

That night, some of the cupcake goons go around town stealing sweet things. One makes off with Dahi Puri's jar of jam; another takes pieces off of Laddoo Havaldar; and a third takes some of the liquid in Mayor Falooda and pours it into a vial. More cupcakes then wake up Samosa and his gang and take them against their will to an underground hideout, where they find the princess and the cupcakes. When Samosa asks what's going on, the princess yells at him to be quiet, explains that she wants to make everyone sweet like her and eradicate all other tastes, and presents a giant cotton candy machine she plans to use to rain whipped cream on everyone and everything, with the first wave of sweetness set to begin at the lake next to the Chutney Dam.

The queen arrives with some townsfolk and tells her daughter to stop indulging in so much sugar since it's not healthy for her, and to not go through with her plan to sweeten everything up. The queen apologizes to Samosa's gang for her daughter's behavior, adding that she doesn't know that not everything can be sweet. Jalebi agrees, explaining that everyone has a different taste but forms a delicious feast when they come together. Samosa, Dhokla, a chili pepper, and a potato chip all give their thoughts on the matter, mentioning that they aren't sweet but that they're tasty or well-liked either way. Everyone in the room sings a song about how everyone is special just as they are, and the princess realizes what she's done and says she's sorry.

The queen and the princess leave the town, with the latter telling Samosa and his gang they're all sweet before they leave. After what has happened, Vada and Samosa think Dhokla is sweet after all, which Dhokla himself still denies; Jalebi tells him that she's the sweetest and not him.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 13th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.


  • When the mayor is outside introducing the queen to the crowd, his mustache is bigger than usual.
  • Vada's eyebrows briefly disappear when the princess yells to make Samosa stop talking.
  • Cham Cham's eyebrows disappear when he sees the princess.