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"Cricket Match" is the 20th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa is named the umpire for a Ghee-Twenty Cricket League match, and is surprised to find that his friends are on the playing teams for the match as well.

Characters present


Samosa is sitting on a beanbag chair in his house using his smartphone when an envelope slides into the room through the crack at the bottom of the front door. Samosa is scared and calls Jalebi, whom he informs he has no idea what the object is. Samosa sends Jalebi a picture of the object, and she assures him it's just mail and that he may open it. Samosa opens the envelope and reads the letter enclosed in it, which says he has been nominated as the umpire for the upcoming Ghee 20 cricket games.

Samosa's friends see that he is walking around town with his umpire hat on, practicing his signals even though the match is a day away. At a market stand, Dahi Puri Mausi is wanting to buy peanuts but shows disinterest in having to pay 20 rupees a kilogram for them. Samosa approaches them, does an umpire signal, and convinces the market's seller to give Dahi Puri the peanuts for four rupees a kilogram. Samosa then goes to Mayor Royal Falooda's house, where he intrudes on the mayor's bathroom break and points out his chutney sprayer is empty.

Meanwhile, Cham Cham bumps into a momo and his glasses break as a result. The two disagree on whether the momo was really responsible for breaking the glasses, and Cham Cham asks if Samosa can settle the argument. Samosa replays the few seconds before the collision, revealing Cham Cham's glasses were already broken before the incident, and everyone calls Cham Cham a cheater. Cham Cham's father calls, saying he dislikes how he's being called a cheater. Everyone cheers after Cham Cham runs away, and the momo thanks Samosa for helping him.

Later, it's time for the cricket match and the announcer introduces the umpire, Samosa. He then introduces the red team captain, Vada, as he arrives on the field; Samosa is shocked to see him, and is also surprised when Dhokla grabs his attention. The announcer gives the yellow team captain Dhokla an introduction before Samosa asks why they're in the game. Vada tells him not to worry since he's an umpire, and Samosa hopest hat Jalebi doesn't appear as well.

The game begins, and Vada steps into play as the wicketer. Yellow team member Cham Cham throws a ball at Vada, which he hits into the sky; it suddenly starts raining for a second or two before the match can resume. Samosa does a calculation on a big chalkboard and comes to the conclusion that the yellow team will have to score one run in 99 balls. Yellow team member Khandvi steps up as the wicket taker but gets scared when the announcer introduces the red team bowler, Jalebi, who also takes Samosa by surprise. Jalebi makes a throw at Khandvi, but the wicket breaks and Khandvi realizes it was a no-ball throw.

Another yellow team member, Sachin Omlettaker, takes up the wicket but is declared out due to a rule that "egg before wicket". This rule also causes two other egg batsmen for the yellow team to be declared out. Finally, yellow team captain Dhokla takes up the wicket, but the scene cuts to Samosa's gang after the match before the outcome is revealed. At Ravi Cafe, Jalebi replays the outcome of the cricket match, showing that the ball, once hit by Dhokla, went into Samosa's mouth and made him bounce all over the stadium until he fell to the ground, with the spit-covered ball being deflected by Jalebi causing it to be lodged into Vada's hole. Samosa tells Jalebi to let it go since "cricket is a gentleman's game", a sentiment Jalebi agrees with.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 12th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.

Series continuity

  • Posters for Dilwale Franky Le Jayenge, Kabhi Franky Kabhi Gham, amd International Franky, the films Franky stars in as mentioned in "Franky Dayaloo", can be seen in the background at one point.

Cultural references

  • The Ghee 20 cricket league gets its name from the real life T20 cricket league.
  • Gargle, the show's equivalent to Google, makes an appearance in this episode.
  • One of the advertisements in the cricket stadium is for Wadaphone, which is likely a nod to the Vodafone brand.


  • Jalebi's earrings briefly disappear twice during the cricket match - once when she holds the ball after pulling a no-ball throw, and once after she hits the spit-covered ball onto Vada.
  • The momo that bumps into Cham Cham has his eyebrows disappear when Samosa shows Cham Cham's glasses already broken on a screen on a building.
  • When Cham Cham tries to run away after being declared a cheater, he is seen on the building's television screen running into a pole. At the same time, however, he is also visible with the momo and Samosa below, not doing anything.
  • Vada is supposed to be slightly smaller than Samosa. When the gang is hanging out at Ravi Cafe at the end of the episode, Vada is slightly bigger than Samosa instead.