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"Comic Book" is the 19th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Vada and Dhokla make their own additions to a story Jalebi is writing about Samosa.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


Samosa walks outside early in the morning, with Jalebi providing narration as he nearly gets hit by a manhole that is sent into the air by a gush of water. Samosa then tries to cross the street but is met with a group of cars that speed by him. A few seconds later, Samosa is nearly hit by the same group of cars and sees a tank driving on the street, water that floods the town, and a boat as well as some water skiiers who bump into Samosa.

The camera pans out to reveal Jalebi is writing a story about Samosa; Vada comes in and asks what she's doing, and Jalebi tells him she's making a drawing but that he can't peek at it until she comes back. As soon as Jalebi leaves the house, Vada peeks at the comic anyway and expands it by writing Mayor Royal Falooda into the story. The mayor appoints Samosa as his successor, and Samosa does so good as the new leader of Chatpata Nagar that he is made a superhero called Super Samosa.

Dhokla appears and asks Vada what he's doing, and Vada tells him not to mess with the story he's working on. Dhokla takes a look and removes the cape from Super Samosa, taking his ability to fly away. Samosa falls towards the ground for several seconds, then he freezes in mid-air and asks Dhokla when he'll reach the ground. Dhokla tells him he's almost there and gives him a parachute, which he removes almost immediately and replaces with an anvil tied to his leg. Samosa hits a cushion on the ground, bounces back up into the air, has the anvil tied to his leg again, lands on the cushion and stays there, and has a safe dropped on him. Vada and Jalebi, seeing the additions made to the latter's story, all laugh with Dhokla when a warning blares outside for all of Chatpata Nagar to evacuate immediately.

The gang goes to investigate and soon find a giant samosa dinosaur who states he wants four people. The townsfolk let Samosa' friends be the dino's offering, but the dino notices there are only three of them and clarifies he specifically wants four people. Dhokla and Vada try to call Samosa on their phones but get no signal; when Jalebi tries to do the same thing, she does get a signal and Samosa's phone rings. Samosa's phone turns out to be with the dinosaur, and after the dino answers the phone, Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada all scream at the realization that the dinosaur is their friend Samosa. The camera pans out to reveal Samosa wrote the entire episode, including the part with the dinosaur that just transpired, and he whistles the beginning of the theme song which plays for the remainder of the episode.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 18th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.


  • Mayor Royal Falooda's eyebrows disappear when he gives Samosa the cape.
  • When Dhokla greets Vada, the former character's legs overlap with his body.