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"Chutney Dam" is the second episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa and the gang are blamed for the mysterious disappearance of Chatpata Nagar's chutney supply.

Characters present



The section below contains major plot-progressing story elements. Please read at your own risk.

Samosa and his friends are relaxing near the Chutney Dam. Vada dives into the chutney lake and finds a two-rupee coin, and Samosa tells him that when he was little, he used to jump into the chutney lake right from the top of Chutney Dam. Vada goes to the top of the dam to dive, but Samosa, Dhokla, and Jalebi warn him to come down since Samosa was joking. Vada misunderstands the instruction and dives anyway, and he does not emerge from the lake for a few seconds, leaving his friends worried. However, he does indeed surface, this time with two two-rupee coins.

Vada's dive gives Samosa the idea to start a chutney lake diving competition, where many contestants make their own dives into the lake. Everyone save for Dhokla has dived into the lake by the end of the day. The next day, the people of Chatpata Nagar discover their supply of chutney has mysteriously disappeared, and they suspect Samosa and his friends to be the culprits since they were hanging out at the Chutney Dam the previous day. Samosa and friends hide themselves under boxes to keep from being caught while looking for Dhokla, but they do not find him in his house.

The three trip over a rock, causing them to be discovered by Cham Cham and chased by the townsfolk. Samosa and friends notice something going on at the Chutney Dam, and they go there to discover that Dhokla has become many times his usual size due to having absorbed all the chutney from the lake in his attempt to dive into it. The townsfolk reach Samosa, who squirts Mayor Royal Falooda in the face with chutney by squeezing Dhokla on the side when the Mayor asks for some chutney. They mayor is delighted to finally have some chutney again.

The other townsfolk form a line and ask for some chutney as well, leading to Samosa having a bunch of vehicles drive towards Dhokla to squeeze the chutney out of him. By the next day, the entire chutney supply has been restored to Chatpata Nagar. Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada thank Dhokla, who has been integrated into the factory that contains the town's chutney supply and is being mechanically squeezed for chutney, for his help.


Cultural references

  • Samosa does what looks like Michael Jackson's iconic moonwalk dance when he's diving into the chutney lake.


  • Near the end of the episode, when Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada are all seen sitting next to each other after the chutney supply is restored, Jalebi's swirl is much bigger than it is usually depicted.