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Chatpata Nagar (translates to "Spicy Town" in English) is the main setting of Simple Samosa.

Samosa and his friends Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada live in Chatpata Nagar. The mayor of Chatpata Nagar is Mayor Royal Falooda.


The architecture of Chatpata Nagar's buildings fluctuates between being themed around food somehow (for example, Samosa's house is a giant saucepan) and being normal-looking buildings.


The following buildings can be found in Chatpata Nagar:



Other structures

Besides the buildings, Chatpata Nagar also has a dam called Chutney Dam that acts as a reservoir for the town's supply of chutney, which is used very much like water (even though water coexists with chutney and is used in the same ways).

Entertainment and media

Chatpata Nagar has a news program that airs on television entitled Garma Garam News, as well as a show called Yeh Nashta Kya Kehlata Hai that Dhokla watches in "Mission 925".

It also has several films as evidenced in "Franky Dayaloo", among them Kabhi Franky Kabhi Gham, Dilwale Franky La Jayenge, and International Franky, which all star an actor named Franky Dayaloo who is popular with the folks of the city.

It also has an arcade as shown in "Khelo Samosa". One of the games featured in the arcade is called Pakwanman.


Chatpata Nagar has events for real-life sports, but also has a few that do not exist in real life. Sports seen include:

  • Bun Pratiyogita - The competitors race in buns through a track made of melted butter to see who can cross the finish line in the shortest time. Seen in "Buntantra Divas".
  • Cricket - In real life, this is a very popular sport in India. The characters play this sport in "Cricket Match".
  • Dakkad Rally - A monster truck race seen in "Dhakkad Race".
  • Sumo wrestling - Samosa has a wrestling match with his favorite professional wrestler, Sumo Momo, in the episode of the same name. He has another one in "Moong Fu Samosa", this time with Sumo Momo's friend Judo Momo.


In addition to the above-mentioned sporting events, Chatpata Nagar has a few non-sporting events it celebrates as well:

  • Cultural Programme - An event showcasing the talents of people from all different cultures. Vada plays his violin at this talent show in "Cultural Programme".
  • Kite Festival - An annual kite flying festival seen in "Patang Hurdang".

Appearances in the series

Since Chatpata Nagar is the show's main setting, most, if not all episodes feature it.