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Cham Cham, full name Cham Cham Chakraborty, is a supporting character in Simple Samosa. He is a resident of Chatpata Nagar.


Cham Cham's body is white and shaped like a capsule, and there are two arms and two legs attached to it. Cham Cham has two circular eyes with blue sclerae and black pupils. He wears a pair of black, square-shaped glasses, white shoes with red accents, and blue pants; he also has yellow shirt sleeves on his arms.



Cham Cham serves as Samosa's rival figure. Cham Cham hates Samosa and his friends and is always looking for ways to beat them at everything, or otherwise make them miserable, but his attempts to do so always backfire and he usually bears the brunt for his actions. Besides that, Cham Cham is greedy and selfish in general, as show in "Mayor Gaayab" when he becomes the mayor of Chatpata Nagar and acts like a ruthless king.


His father is seen in "Cricket Match" and "Mission 925". He has a mother who, while not shown in person, makes a poster in "Khelo Samosa" for her lost son that reads "Ghar aa jao Cham Cham - Mummy is missing you" ("Come home Cham Cham - Mummy is missing you").

Appearances in the series

Television show episodes

Other Simple Samosa media

  • Simple Samosa Game - Cham Cham appears as an enemy the player must avoid. He is the only character in the game who is not playable.


  • In the first episode, "Sumo Momo", Cham Cham's glasses are light gray, as opposed to black as in all later episodes.
  • Cham Cham's sprite in Simple Samosa Game has Dhokla's name in the game's code for unknown reasons.
  • Cham Cham shares his name with a character from the SNK video game series Samurai Shodown.