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"Carnival Chaos" is the ninth episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

At the carnival, Samosa helps Vada through a mysterious secret ride.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


Samosa, Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada find a poster for the carnival, and Vada is excited to go. Everyone arrives at the carnival and are about to get on the ferris wheel when a carnival official tells Vada he can't be on the ride because he is too short. Samosa says that Vada doesn't have to worry since they can all get on the next ride together, and Vada watches as his friends enjoy the ride without him. The gang goes to another attraction where they ride in giant teacups, but Vada is too short again and has to sit this one out.

Vada keeps being forced to watch as his friends enjoy the carnival attractions since he's too short for them, when suddenly a stranger in a nearby tent beckons for him. Vada approaches the mysterious person, who asks if he has the guts to see into the future. When Vada asks for the stranger's name, he says it's "Popcorn", but Vada misunderstands and thinks he's asking if he would like some popcorn, to which he replies that he doesn't. Popcorn tells Vada to forget the childish rides and shows him a big hole that leads into a secret ride. Popcorn then explains that if Vada can get through the challenge, he'll gain the title of "Carnival Champion", and Vada eagerly enters through the hole.

Popcorn reveals himself to be three short corn boys stacked on top of each other and wearing a trench coat to hide two of them as one of them states he didn't think Vada would fall for their scheme. Samosa enters the tent and asks the corn boys if they've seen Vada, and they point to the big hole. Samosa realizes Vada is down there all alone and jumps in by himself when his other friends refuse to join him. Sher Singh, the owner of the carnival, enters the tent and brings everyone's attention to the "no entry" sign on the outside. Samosa's friends explain that Samosa and Vada have gone down the strange tunnel, and Sher Singh asks them to come with him.

Within the interior of the tunnel, Vada is taking the stairs and notices Samosa falling down, shrugs it off, and keeps walking. Vada finds something moving in the bubblegum near him and gets scared, only to discover it's just Samosa and cheering. The two come across an epiglottis-like pair of holes with a lid closing one, then the other alternately. Vada jumps into one of these holes and Samosa follows, bringing them above a big green river where they hang to the ceiling, afraid they'll fall in. A bubblegum man in a boat appears, and Samosa and Vada drop into his boat, allowing him to take them both to a further point in the cave.

Meanwhile, outside the strange cave, Mayor Royal Falooda comes to see Sher Singh with several other citizens and asks him about the missing children he has heard about. As Samosa and Vada struggle to traverse a narrow passage at the end of the cave, Sher Singh explains to them that at six-o'-clock, they'll be launched out through a certain point in a nearby hill; sure enough, at six-o'-clock they are shot out of the hill and land in a pool of chutney as everyone cheers for them, with Vada being given the "Carnival Champion" badge.

Sher Singh gives Samosa and Vada the honor of naming the ride they have just completed, since they are the first people to do so. Later, a sign is put up for the newly-named Hazam Gully, and everyone goes to ride it. Vada is disappointed that he's too short to get on the attraction, but Sher Singh adjusts the "you must be this tall to ride" sign and lets him in. Samosa tells Vada to have fun.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the eighth episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • In the first English dub of this episode, the corn cob at the entrance of the mysterious ride is named Corny, and Vada doesn't understand this and asks for his name again. In the second English dub, the joke is reworked so that the corn cob is named Popcorn and Vada thinks he's asking if he wants popcorn upon introducing himself.


  • The pink-colored Sher Singh is depicted in yellow a couple of times with no explanation. The later episode "Tip Top Tip" has him only colored yellow.