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"Buntantra Divas" is the 25th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa and the gang prepare to participate in the "Bun Pratiyogita", a race where the competitors race using buns.



Samosa and his friends are at his house watching television. The television plays footage of Cham Cham winning last year's Bun Pratiyogita race and encourages the viewers to come to this year's bun race. Vada is excited about the upcoming race and asks Samosa how they'll find a bun. Samosa replies saying that one does not buy a bun, but has to win it, but that finding a bun is tough and requires talent. Dhokla brings up what happened to Samosa in last year's "buntastic" race, and Jalebi shows him a replay of it; in the replay, Samosa approaches a bun with a fork but is eaten by the creature and spit back out. After the flashback ends, Samosa encourages his friends to follow him on a bun-catching journey.

Samosa and Vada go out into a forest with big forks in their hands. Samosa sees a bird fly past him and, scared, hides behind Vada. When asked why, Samosa says he was just trying to warm up. The two come across a group of buns in a grassy plain, but before they can start to sneak up on them, Samosa gets scared upon hearing a rustling sound. The sound is from Jalebi and Dhokla, the former of whom shows the others how to catch a bun by grabbing a leaf and tickling it. The bun is about to sneeze, and Jalebi hops into its mouth as it opens it and rides the beast around. Dhokla is impressed and thinks Jalebi has set a new record, while Samosa tries to catch one of the buns for himself using a "bun app" on his phone. However, his phone does not receive any reception and he has Dhokla go first instead. Dhokla promptly goes to push around one of the buns, but it rolls off the edge of a hill and Dhokla runs after it.

This leaves Samosa and Vada as the only ones without their own bun. Vada runs off to find his own bun and asks one if it will be his race partner. The bun agrees to the deal, telling Vada that he asked nicely compared to the others who just abducted their buns. Vada hops into the creature's mouth and races it around the plain along with Jalebi; Dhokla is still chasing after his bun, which falls into a bush, and Samosa is eaten by a bun again.

At the town hall, Mayor Royal Falooda is in the bathroom practicing his lines for the big race. The scene jump-cuts to the race itself, where the mayor greets two melting butter men at the race's starting line. The mayor asks the men, named Jaskar and Baskar, about their butter trails, which are meant to make the race faster; both report they're quite buttery. The mayor asks Jaskar if they think the race will be fast this year, and he replies it should be as long as he and Baskar are there. The mayor then introduces a word from the race's sponsor, Gheeman, before the race starts with Cham Cham at the beginning point on the track. Cham Cham has trouble getting his bun to start going, and the bun spits him out into the air.

The next competitor is Jalebi, who slides through the butter track quite quickly but is unable to reach the finish line due to friction stopping her. Jaskar calls for some smaller butter sticks to make the track slipperier. The next racer, Samosa, is spat out of his bun and sent flying right through the finish line, thus causing him to set a new record. However, it doesn't count because Samosa has to be riding the bun. Samosa is followed by Dhokla, who still can't catch up with his bun and thus isn't counted as a winner either. Another commercial for Gheeman plays, and the scene cuts back to the race, where Vada manages to reach the finish line in his bun.

The mayor announces the winner of the bun race, who turns out to be Samosa. A surprised Vada is reminded by Samosa that the name of the show is Simple Samosa, but gives his trophy to Vada out of kindness. Gheeman appears again and is quickly told the show is over. Meanwhile, Cham Cham, who was still in the air from the race, lands on a grill where a couple of hot dogs and a corn cob are relaxing and assume Cham Cham came for a sunbath; Cham Cham hops around from the grill's heat.


  • Samosa breaks the fourth wall with his statement to Vada that "What is the name of the show? Simple Samosa!".
  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 21st episode of Disney+ Hotstar.


  • Jalebi's eyelashes and earrings disappear when she falls off a hill while riding her bun.
  • When Samosa is trying to get reception on his phone for his bun app, one of the big forks on the ground shifts position slightly.