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"Banana Fontana" is the 30th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa disguises himself as the popstar Banana Fontana.

Characters present

Minor roles, cameos, etc.


The episode begins with a Garma Garam News report about the opening of a new clothes store called Zeera. According to the newslady, Mayor Royal Falooda has booked the celebrity Reddichillina Roly to visit the new establishment to celebrate, but the mayor has his secretary Kulfi call the superstar on the phone to see what's going on when she's late for the event. On the phone, Roly apologizes, saying there's a bun staying still on the road and blocking her path as well as a bunch of paparazzis chasing after her. The mayor asks the nearby Samosa if he knows anyone he could replace Roly with, since he doesn't want to hold up the people waiting for the store to open, and Samosa says he knows a celebrity personally and, after seeing a banana peel, claims her name is Banana Fontana. Mayor Royal Falooda comments he's never heard of her before, and that Samosa should get her to the store opening as soon as possible. Samosa grabs some popstar clothing items from a mannequin behind the mayor's back and reappears dressed in them, pretending to be the celebrity Banana Fontana.

The mayor introduces the popstar to the others, who have not heard of her either. The mayor then introduces a special performance by her, but Banana Fontana says she was not informed of any such performance by Samosa. A stage is set up on the spot and the crowd cheers her on, but Banana Fontana states she forgot her guitar. A person from the crowd gives Banana Fontana a guitar to play, but she still stands there in silence for several seconds before deciding to whistle a tune (the show's theme song) instead. The others join in with her whistling, and the new superstar becomes so popular at that moment that another Garma Garam News report is aired about her. Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada see the report, and Vada gets the feeling he's always been a huge fan of Banana Fontana and goes to greet her with the others.

The mayor urges Banana Fontana to stay for another performance, but she says she came to Chatpata Nagar for one day only. The mayor mentions the next performance is that evening, and then he sees Jalebi and asks her to give Banana Fontana a tour around town. The mayor also asks where Samosa has gone and encourages Jalebi to bring him along on their tour as well. When Jalebi and the group make it to Samosa's house, they find the door locked. Jalebi hears Banana Fontana mention the keys are under the flower pot outside, and when she asks how she knew that, Banana Fontana replies that Samosa told her and also let her rest in his house if she wanted to. Jalebi remarks that Samosa rarely ever acts responsibly like that, and Samosa, as himself rather than his persona Banana Fontana, replies "thank you" before saying that's what Samosa would say. Banana Fontana then makes her way to the bathroom to redo her makeup, and Vada asks how she knows where the bathroom is from the get-go.

Samosa quickly ditches his Banana Fontana costume and goes from the bathroom's window to the front of the house, where he tells Jalebi that he heard Banana Fontana was in town and wanted to get her a cup of juice. Samosa then back into the window, and hastily puts his costume back on; "she" appears again and asks about Samosa, and Jalebi explains about the juice he wanted to get her. Banana Fontana complements Samosa for his kindness, calling him "Sam", and then runs to the bathroom again. Jalebi finds her outside and asks if she had just went to the bathroom, to which Banana Fontana responds that she was exercising and pays special attention to her fitness. When the popstar says she's tired, Samosa's friends take her to Appa Spa, where Amma and Appa ask for a picture with the celebrity. Amma gets ready to massage Banana Fontana, saying her hands are super strong, but Banana Fontana panics and runs out of the building. Jalebi wonders where Samosa has gone again, and when she and the others see Banana Fontana running away Dhokla thinks she got a call from her director.

Banana Fontana runs all the way to the Stadium Dome, where she performs another concert where she whistles. After this concert, everybody pressures her as they cheer her on before she finally gives up; she asks her audience if they have lied before, and admits she's Samosa and that Banana Fontana is made up, surprising everyone. Samosa's friends approach the stage, Samosa apologizes to them, and they all reveal they're wearing full-body disguises of each other before Samosa whistles the tune from earlier one last time.


Cultural references

  • The name "Banana Fontana" is most likely derived from the American Disney series Hannah Montana.
  • The black guitar given to Samosa/Banana Fontana to perform with has the X-eyed smiley face logo of the rock band Nirvana on it. This guitar also appears in the earlier episode "Dadi Ke Saath", where Vada tries to play it but breaks its strings.
  • Cham Cham looks up Banana Fontana on Gargle, a reference to Google. Gargle appeared in an earlier episode as well; in "Jalebi's Birthday", Jalebi is sent directions to the Masala Mall via an app called Gargle Maps.
  • Reddichillina Roly's name may be a soundalike of the actress Angelina Jolie.


  • When Dhokla, Jalebi, and Vada all walk up to the stage Samosa is standing on, all of the clothes he still had on as part of his Banana Fontana disguise spontaneously disappear.
  • The costume of Vada worn by Jalebi has purely white eyes rather than Vada's cream yellow eyes.