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"Anda Bhatija" is the 15th episode of Simple Samosa.

Plot summary

Samosa befriends a fried egg alien who lands in Chatpata Nagar.

Characters present


In the middle of the night, a flying saucer flies through the skies above Chatpata Nagar. The next morning, Samosa is woken up by a group of citizens who are running to see what has happened; Samosa asks his friends if they know what's going on, but they don't. The group of citizens are wondering themselves what happened, with Dahi Puri Mausi wondering if there's danger. Cham Cham says if there's danger, they should be running away from it, and everyone agrees and leaves Samosa and his gang as the only ones left to investigate.

The gang see a white and yellow fried egg blob out in the wild and freak out. As they hide behind a bush to look at the strange blob, Jalebi says she thinks the blob is alive, and it sports a couple of small, black eyes. Vada comments it is probably not from Chatpata Nagar. Samosa gets closer to the egg, which says nothing but "bua" repeatedly; Samosa mentions this to his friends, who all freak out again when they learn that the egg alien can move.

The following night, Samosa gets a knock on his door. When he opens it, he finds that the egg alien has somehow followed him all the way to his house. Samosa doesn't want him in his house, but after he takes a shower the alien somehow makes it in anyway and gives Samosa his pair of flip-flops. Samosa encounters the extraterrestrial again while washing dishes and struggles to figure out what he wants.

The next day, Samosa walks around town with the egg alien following him. Dhokla hides from the space visitor, but realizes he's not causing any harm, asks what his name is, and says he's cute. The mayor comes along and asks about the "dangerous-looking" creature, also saying it looks cute, and Samosa asks where he got the idea of it being dangerous. Dahi Puri appears and says the same things about the alien, and Samosa asks again who told her it's danergous. The citizens turn out to have told each other this rumor, with the rumor's originator being Khandvi, who goes to a phone and calls General Gathiya to report the alien. General Gathiya promptly sends troops out to find the extraterrestrial egg.

That night, the sound of the troops' helicopters wake up Samosa and his new alien friend, Yolky (also known as Baba in the second English version of the episode), and Samosa's friends drop by to tell him to turn on the TV. The television plays a Garma Garam News report about the military coming to take the alien. Samosa and his friends wonder how they can keep the alien safe, and Yolky gives Samosa a little device that Jalebi thinks will take him back home. Jalebi comes up with the idea to have the gang ride her four-person bicycle, with the egg alien on top of Dhokla. As the gang works to ride away from the helicopters, General Gathiya and one of his troops spot them and the general shouts for more reinforcements. As more military vehicles come after the gang, they hit a cart being pushed by Khandvi.

Samosa and his friends are all surrounded by the military, with the general telling him he will surrender. The troops approach the group with giant pieces of silverware that suddenly start to float into the air, and Samosa gets a signal on his device which turns out to be a flying saucer shaped like an egg carton. Yolky is brought up into the ship, and Samosa looks on the device's screen and sees the alien with his family. Inside the ship, Khandvi is shown to have wound up in the ship as well and is shot out into the open, where he falls onto the sidewalk with a crash big enough to create a crater. Samosa and co. witness the crater being made, and the episode ends after Samosa makes a comment about Khandvi needing his mommy.


  • This episode is erroneously listed as the 11th episode on Disney+ Hotstar.
  • The egg alien is named Yolky in the first English dub and Bua in the second English dub.

Cultural references

  • While riding on the bike, Samosa, Dhokla, Jalebi, Vada, and Yolky are launched into the air, causing their silhouette to be superimposed over a full moon for a couple of seconds. This references the famous scene in the film E.T. the Extraterrestrial where E.T. rides a bike into the sky and passes the moon.


  • The Garma Garam News reporter lady's mouth disappears for a split-second as she is talking.